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We are Primavera Development

a limited liability company established under the laws of Romania, principally engaged in the development or re-development, ownership, management and acquisition of commercial, industrial and residential real-estate.


In order to be a successful developer, one must be conversant in dozen of subjects, from managing people to managing buildings. No developer is an expert on all the areas. Success comes from knowing the questions to ask and whom to ask,

what the common practices and rule-of thumb are, and how to identify worthwhile advice and information.


Primavera Developments works in close relation with reputable experts encompassing the entire development fields such as: - Architect - Landscape Architects - Land/Town Planners - Structural Engineers - MEP Engineers - Soil Engineers - Environment Consultants - Surveyors - Traffic Engineers - Construction Contractors - Market Consultants - Appraisals - Attorneys - Title Companies - Broker/Leasing Agents.

Primavera Development can provide a wide range of services, covering the entire scope of works required during all the phases of property development, from the initial initiative of buying land to the operational phases of a building.


Stages of Development Services

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Development Stages